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1 in 6 British adults have gum recession. Historically, receding gums which are caused by ageing or chronic gum disease could only be treated by attempting to maintain the remaining tissue through a stringent oral hygiene programme. In the past, gum grafting was a painful procedure where tissue was removed from the palate of the mouth and only 1 – 2 areas could be treated at one time. Now, a new cosmetic dental treatment to reverse unsightly receding gums is being pioneered in the UK by Dr. Simon Darfoor called Alloderm.

Find out why Dr. Simon Darfoor is easing the pain of patients and visit our dedicated Alloderm Gum Grafting site Trusted Dentist Dr. Simon Darfoor Spanning Nation Newspapers, Leading magazines such as Vogue, Tatler, Woman, Mail on Sunday, with his Alloderm pain free non surgical procedure.

A snippet from the Dailymail:

” Up till now dentists have advised patients to swap to a softer tooth brush and sensitive toothpaste and avoid acidic foods, but this only stops the problem from getting any worse. The gum does not regrow naturally.

In some cases dentists have put a filling in the gum line, but this requires drilling into a healthy tooth and further work if the filling dislodges.

However, in the past year dentists have started offering tissue grafts, sewing collagen either from donated human tissue or tissue removed from the roof of the patient’s mouth into the gum line.

Once transplanted, the patient’s own blood vessels penetrate the collagen – a protein constituent of body tissue that provides structure and elasticity – and, incredibly, the gums start to grow again.”

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